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Equalization of Energy Consumption in Ad Hoc Networks using Learning Automata


Faezeh Akbari, Seyed Majid Noorhosseini, Mahnaz Imanazari Bonab


Vol. 9  No. 12  pp. 213-218


One of the main constraints in mobile ad hoc networks is high probability of failure due to energy-exhausted nodes. So, if some nodes die early due to lack of energy, they cannot communicate with each other. Therefore, inordinate consumption of nodes’ energy should be prevented. In fact, nodes energy consumption should be balanced in order to increase the network lifetime. In this paper we balance the energy consumed by ad hoc network nodes by clustering the nodes based on their remaining energies. Clusters form by learning automata dynamically and change based on lifetime prediction of clusters member as well as the number of their neighbors. The simulation results show that our proposed method outperforms MARI and flat topology both in prolonging network lifetime and in balancing energy consumption of nodes.


Ad hoc Network, Energy consumption, QOS, Learning Automata, Maximizing Network Lifetime