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Location Prediction Mechanisms for Tracking Lost Unmanned Vehicles


S.R. Balasundaram, A. Saravanan


Vol. 9  No. 12  pp. 231-237


The growth of technologies has made it possible for the introduction and use of autonomous vehicles that can be operated in any hazardous environment. Unmanned Ground Vehicles, a kind of autonomous vehicles are widely seen in military/defense departments and mining areas. Unmanned Ground vehicle (UGV) is intended to move on a land or any surface. The significance of such vehicles is that they can be extensively used for longer duration and circumstances which are harmful to people. Tracking the mobility of such vehicle is an essential component to ensure the success of the operation. Vehicles may be lost due to any natural or manmade calamities, in which case, tracking becomes a critical issue. Sometimes, the position of UGV cannot be located by the controller (at remote) due to communication link failures. To locate the lost vehicle and also to define safety of the vehicle, location prediction mechanisms become an essential solution. In this paper, we have focused on a frame work to track the location of the lost UGVs, using various prediction methodologies.


Unmanned Vehicle, Mobile Data, Location Prediction, GPS