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Security Vulnerability Analysis and Forensic Data Research to Attacks on Mobile Stock Trading System in WiBro Network


Woo-Sung Chun, Dea-Woo Park


Vol. 9  No. 12  pp. 291-298


A financial transaction is becoming activation, and financial accident is frequently occurring at mobile terminals by a spread of the Ubiquitous Era on the latest date. We execute an attack regarding mobile stocks transactions system from WiBro networks at this paper, and we study a Security Vulnerability Analysis infringement attack accidents. We generate Forensic data use WireShark, and monitoring calls an actual stock trading process in WiBro networks in order to analyze mobile stocks transactions, and analyze, and detect Vulnerability, and analyzing a packet. We ensure a basis of study detect port, and detect Security Vulnerability through analyses aggressive analysis aggressive viral penetration, authentication packet analysis, analysis aggressive a DDoS network, analysis aggressive a terminal mobile WiBro, a HTS program that there was in order to open through the scanning that used NetScan Tools, and analyze, and generate Forensic data, and to be able to be used as to criminal investigation and legal data.


WiBro, Vulnerability, Forensic, Hacker Attack, DDoS