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Performance Evaluation of Algorithms for Wavelength Assignment in Optical WDM Networks


Paulo H. G. Bezerra, Afonso J. F. Cardoso, Carlos R. L. Frances


Vol. 10  No. 1  pp. 130-136


This paper evaluates the performance of three algorithms for allocating wavelength optical networks WDM (Wavelength Division Multiplexing) and they are: first-fit, least-used e most-used. The objective of the experiment was to simulate the performance of allocation algorithms on relevant aspects: throughput and blocking probability. To this end, a series of measurements were performed using a simulation tool for networks WDM called OWNS (Optical WDM Network Simulator) to perform an analysis of the problem RWA (Routing and Wavelenght Assignment) based on the algorithms studied in this article. The results of the experiments back in a different analysis where the allocation of wavelengths where overlaps in importance to routing.


Wavelength Division Multiplexing, Routing and Wavelenght Assignment, Optical Network