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Statistical Analysis of Diabetic Mellitus on Dynamic Human Blood Flow by Noninvasive Laser Doppler Technique in Real Time


V.Ashok, S.Rajan, A.Nirmalkumar


Vol. 10  No. 1  pp. 137-143


This paper presents a statistical analysis chart suitable for continuous processes like the human blood flow in the real time. Noninvasive measurement of blood glucose concentration based on reflected laser beam from the index finger has been reported in this paper. This method depends on Helium-Neon gas (He-Ne) laser operating at 632.8nm wavelength. During measurement the index finger is placed under the laser beam transceiver unit, the reflected optical signal is converted in to a electrical signal, compared with the reference electrical control limit signal, and the obtain difference signal is processed by the six-sigma concept which presents the results in the form of blood glucose concentration chart with respect to blood flow particles, Red Blood Carpusels (RBC). This method would enable the monitoring of blood glucose level of the diabetic patient continuously, safely and noninvasive. Certain aspects that are unique to this kind of process make conventional charts inadequate and misleading, causing false information and search of non-existent problems.


Control Charts, Diabetic Mellitus, Hematocrit, Red Blood Cells, Viscosity