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An On-Demand Byzantine-Resilient Secure Routing Protocol for Wireless Adhoc Networks


Saju P John, Philip Samuel


Vol. 10  No. 1  pp. 201-208


Security has become a primary concern in order to provide protected communication between mobile nodes in a hostile environment. We refer to any arbitrary action by authenticated nodes resulting in disruption of the routing service such as drop packets, modify packets and miss-route packets as Byzantine behavior, and to such an adversary as a Byzantine adversary. Nodes may exhibit Byzantine behavior, either alone or colluding with other nodes. Several routing protocols were proposed to cope with insider attacks, outsider attacks and selective data forwarding attacks. To mitigate these vulnerabilities of routing protocols in wireless adhoc networks, we propose a new Byzantine-Resilient Secure Routing Protocol (BRSR) that provides resilience against Byzantine attacks. The proposed protocol provides security for inside attacks, outside attacks and selective data forwarding attacks in mobile adhoc networks. Simulation results demonstrate that BRSR effectively mitigates the identified attacks while providing better delivery ratio, and also more resistant against node capture attacks.


On-Demand, Byzantine-Resilient, Secure Routing Protocol, Adhoc