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Implementation and Analysis of AES, DES and Triple DES on GSM Network


Majithia Sachin, Dinesh Kumar


Vol. 10  No. 1  pp. 298-303


Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) is the most widely used cellular technology in the world. Main objective in mobile communication systems is security of data exchanged. GSM uses several cryptographic algorithms for security like A5/1, A5/2 and A5/3. But it has been found that these algorithms are cracked by various practical attacks so these algorithms do not provide sufficient levels of security for protecting the confidentiality of GSM therefore it is desirable to secure data by additional encryption. In this paper we have done additional encryption by implementing DES, TripleDES, and AES algorithms on GSM Network. This paper also analyzes the effectiveness of these algorithms against brute force attack implemented in MATLAB environment.


AES, DES, GSM, Keylengths, Security, TripleDES