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Adaptive Algorithm for Image Denoising Based on Curvelet Threshold


Aliaa A.A.Youssif, A.A.Darwish, A.M.M.Madbouly


Vol. 10  No. 1  pp. 322-328


Image Denoising has remained a fundamental problem in the field of image processing. This paper proposes an adaptive threshold method for image denoising based on curvelet transform to estimate noise and remove it from digital images in order to achieve a good performance in this respect. The proposed adaptive threshold method is more efficient in estimate and reduce noise from images which have random, salt & pepper and Gaussian noise. Experimental results show that the proposed method demonstrates an improved denoising performance over related earlier techniques according to increasing of PSNR values of enhanced images by 0.044 at Random,1.05 at salt& pepper and 0.457 at Gaussian noise.


Image denoising, Curvelet transform, Image enhancement, Adaptive threshold, Estimate noise and Reduce noise