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SCPN evaluation of a Switched fabric CAN Network


Mohamed MAZOUZI, Oussama KALLEL, Salem HASNAOUI, Mohamed ABID


Vol. 10  No. 1  pp. 329-335


Nowadays distributed computing in complex embedded systems gain complexity when they are equipped with many microcontrollers which oversee many Electronic Control Units (ECU). High performance and predictability are the prerequisites for any large-scale networked system dependent on real-time data processing and analysis. Switched-fabric networks can provide fast and highly scalable hardware solutions and are now being increasingly used in distributed systems. In this paper, we proposed a switched fabric CAN Network based on CAN Controllers and switch fabric. We have implemented in VHDL a CAN Controller and used an existing 8x8 Switch Fabric. We also evaluated the overall architecture using CPNTools. We separately have modeled the CAN Controller correspondently to its VHDL implementation and a SCPN model of the Switched Fabric CAN Network. Experiments are then applied to the model to extract information on network performance metrics.


Switched-fabric CAN network, CAN Controller, Switch fabric, VHDL, Performance evaluation, stochastic colored Petri nets, CPNTools