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On-line Signature Authentication


K.R.Radhika, M.K.Venkatesha, G.N.Sekhar


Vol. 10  No. 2  pp. 12-18


Authentication systems which are covenant with a measurable behavioral trait are essential in on-line system. The flow of signature with respect to time is termed as on-line signature data. This paper deals with, authentication of an individual's on-line signature patterns using continuous dynamic programming [CDP]. Modern systems aim to move security from simple static passwords to more dynamic security measures to suit the comfort level of the user in mobile-commerce and web-commerce. Recognition of individual's signature is text dependent self-certification process with constant behavioral variation. CDP aid in recognition process with a concept of grouping items with similar characteristics together. Segmentation is possible for online data because signature is a ballistic motion which is learnt over a period of time.


Continuous Dynamic Programming, Handwritten signature, Acceleration, Signature Authentication