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Comparative analysis on the development of Hardware and Software for detection of obstacle and estimation of distance


J. Venu Gopala Krishnan, N. Manoharan, B. Sheela Rani


Vol. 10  No. 2  pp. 27-31


This paper presents a system for real time obstacle detection and distance estimation. Computational stereo performance has progressed such that several commercial or open source implementations are available which operate at frame rate, but suffer from well known correspondence errors. The global segmentation step is based on a graph structure appropriate for collision detection, human vision inspired perceptual organization. Autonomous driving in off-road environments requires an exceptionally capable sensor system for an unstructured environment that does not provide many of the cues available in on-road environments. Our project is position detection using ultrasonic sensors. Briefly; measurement of distance for an object from an ultrasonic sensor and map its position in a pre-calculated area. It uses RF04 ultrasonic sensors for distance measurement and drive this sensor via PIC (Peripheral Interface Control) 16f877 microcontroller. After getting the necessary data from sensor which makes serial communication between PIC and PC and then mapping in PC using MATLAB. This paper presents an obstacle detection system with a non-contact type ultrasonic distance measuring device that includes a microcontroller for controlling operation of a transducer that functions as both transmitter and receiver. The system proposed detects the obstacle with a distance up to 3 meters and sends back the value to the user. The system aims at increasing the mobility of unmanned vehicle used in a war field by offering simple sensor devices. An algorithm is developed to have computer based estimation of distance with correct accuracy.


Software for detection, estimation of distance