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Verifiable Secret Sharing Scheme on Images using Watermarking


Chitradeep Dutta Roy, Neel Choudhury, Amrik Chatterjee, Avishek Adhikari


Vol. 10  No. 2  pp. 76-81


In this paper, we have implemented Adi Shamir’s (k, n) threshold secret sharing scheme onto 24-bit bitmap images. Along with this we have used a concept of watermarking, hash function and a multilayered threshold secret sharing approach to verify the authenticity of each image share before processing instead of decrypting blindly. Moreover this verification scheme allows us to identify dishonest participants who might have gained unauthorized access on secret shares. Consequently, this proposed scheme offers a highly secure mechanism of image secret sharing, which is different from existing traditional methods. Although we have implemented this scheme on images it can easily be used on any digital format as we are dealing with streams of bits.


Secret Sharing, Lagrangian Interpolation, Watermarking, Share Authentication, Hash function, Symmetric key encryption