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Virtual Cutting Tool Management System for Milling Process


Haslina Arshad, Rosilah Hassan, Nazlia Omar, Shahnorbanun Sahran


Vol. 10  No. 2  pp. 148-153


Information of cutting tools is very important for the effectiveness of cutting process. Previously, traditional search methods by referring to the catalogues for the right cutting tool has been a burden to the user. As a result, the probabilities of choosing the wrong cutting tools were high. In this work, a new cutting tools management system for milling process has been developed for training students before they actually perform the milling process. With the specific parameters such as cutter type, part number, dimension and material types and its properties, the user can easily get detail information of the cutting tools such as cutter dimension, insert types and its properties. User can also visualize the chosen cutter and inserts interactively. This web application will help the user to find the best cutting tools. It can also help to educate students or any users in understanding the process of choosing the best cutting tools and the parameters needed for the cutting process.


virtual cutting tools, database system, milling process