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Contrast Improvement of Radiographic Images in Spatial Domain by Edge Preserving Filters


K. Arulmozhi, S. Arumuga Perumal, K. Kannan, S. Bharathi


Vol. 10  No. 2  pp. 233-240


Digital Image enhancement provides a multitude of choices for improving the visual quality of radiographic images. When the details of radiographic image are lost due to various reasons, image enhancement has been applied. Many algorithms have been proposed for image enhancement in the past decade. Contrast improvement algorithms are used to enhance image contrast and some algorithms come with undesired drawbacks like the loss of tiny details, enhancement of image noise, occasional over enhancement and unnatural look of the processed images. This paper proposes new algorithms for contrast enhancement of radiographic images in spatial domain based on edge operators. Experimental results show that the proposed algorithms provide a flexible and reliable way for contrast enhancement over the traditional high pass filter.


Digital Image Enhancement, Contrast Improvement, Radiographic images, Spatial Domain, Edge Preserving Filters