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Handoff Management Architecture for 4G Networks over MIPv6


Prakash.S, C.B.Akki, Kashyap Dhruve


Vol. 10  No. 2  pp. 267-274


The future 4G networks will satisfy the user’s need of mobility, eternal information access and independence. Many organizations are now working towards realizing 4G Networks. 4G networks are known for their seamless connectivity between existing networks which include GSM, wireless LAN, Bluetooth etc. Such next generation 4G networks are represented by heterogeneous environment with different access network technologies that vary in bandwidth, latency and cost. Seamless Connectivity in such networks entirely depends on efficient handoff mechanisms. In this paper we present a Handoff Management Unit (HMU) based on Mobile IPv6 (MIPv6). The research discussed here, reflects seamless handoff across different types of networks over the MIPv6 core network.


4G Networks, handoff mechanism, MIPv6, Handoff Management Unit, Fast Binding Acknowledgement Algorithm