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Vehicle Tracking Using a Reliable Embedded Data Acquisition Sysytem With GPS and GSM


T.Krishna Kishore, T.Sasi Vardhan, N.Lakshmi Narayana


Vol. 10  No. 2  pp. 286-291


In this paper, we present the principles of a low operational-cost but flexible Internet-based data-acquisition system. The main core of the system is an embedded hardware running a scaled-down version of Linux: a popular choice of operating system for embedded applications. The embedded device communicates through General Packet Radio Service (GPRS),which makes it accessible from anywhere in the world through a web server built into the embedded device. In addition, GPRS provides a bidirectional real-time data transfer allowing interaction. The proposed system eliminates the need for server software and maintenance. A novel approach is introduced to minimize the operational costs while operating with a large amount of data. The system is demonstrated to be suitable for different embedded applications by attaching several real-time modules through appropriate interfaces.


GPS, GPRS, GSM , Real Time Processing, Data-acquisition, Embedded System