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An Effective Key Computation Protocol for Secure Group Communication in Heterogeneous Networks


S.Jabeenbegum, T.Purusothaman, Karthi.M, Balachandar.N, Arunkumar.N


Vol. 10  No. 2  pp. 313-319


In a Heterogeneous Environment to communicate among the group members securely and to minimize the complexity in forming the group key, we are proposing a new protocol which consumes minimum number of key computations. Secure group communication in dynamic and large group is more complex than securing one-to-one communication due to the inherent scalability issue of group key management. In particular, cost for key establishment and key renewing is usually relevant to the group size and subsequently becomes a performance bottleneck in achieving scalability. To address this problem, we are proposing a new approach that features decoupling of group size and computation cost for group key management. By using a Cluster based Hierarchical Key Distribution Protocol, the load of key management can be shared by a cluster of dummy nodes without revealing group messages to them. Specifically, our scheme incurs constant computation overhead for key renewing. Our proposed protocol provides the best performance in key computations than existing approaches and it is applicable for wired / wireless environments also.


Group Key Management, Secure Group Communication, Elliptic Curve Cryptography, Clustering, Complexity Analysis