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Intrusion Detection System in UDP Protocol


K.Duraiswamy, G Palanivel


Vol. 10  No. 3  pp. 1-5


To face the growing trend of attack and other security challenges, Intrusion Detection System have to be addressed across the network. Each TCP/IP network layer has specific type of network attacks and hence it needs a specific type of IDS. So, depending upon the TCP / IP network model, we can categorize the IDS into AIDS, TIDS, NIDS, LIDS and each IDS type is specialized to a specific network device. In this paper, we focus on TIDS which detects the UDP layer attacks based on Fuzzy ESVDF (which select appropriate feature set) for overall improvement of performance and scalability especially in UDP model.


Intrusion detection systems, TCP/IP network model, UDP model, features ranking, support vector decision function