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Bird Flight Inspired Clustering based Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks


Mohit Tiwari, Shirshu Varma


Vol. 10  No. 3  pp. 119-128


In Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANETS), Clustering based routing protocol can sufficiently enhance Performance, Scalability and Energy Efficiency. Through this paper, we propose a new clustering algorithm integrated along with a routing protocol. Our Approach is inspired from bird flocking behavior where birds travel long distances in flocks and conserve energy by constantly changing the leader of the Flock. We have mainly concentrated on clustering algorithm and designed our clustering algorithm based on moment-to moment decisions of individual nodes during communication. In this protocol, the network is divided into chunks of nodes known as clusters. The clusters are actively maintained and reassembled using specific algorithms and techniques. The proposed routing scheme is a position based routing approach which incorporates Dynamic Selection of the Gateway nodes to reduce the number of control packets flooded in the network required for efficient routing of data packets. We also present simulation results which prove that the proposed methodology has low performance overhead, high throughput, low bandwidth utilization and Network Lifetime.


Bird Flock, Life time, Clustering, MANETS