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A Service Portfolio for an Enterprise Resource Planning


Riyanarto Sarno, Anisah Herdiyanti


Vol. 10  No. 3  pp. 144-156


The rapid changing of business environments requires state of the art software engineering methods, which support integration, reusability, loose coupling, extensibility and interoperability. Since Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) provides these requirements, this paper proposes the service portfolio of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), which accommodates the Information Technology (IT)-related business goal, i.e. creates agility in responding to changing business requirements, and also facilitates the functionalities in a commonly standard ERP. The service portfolio provides three levels of views, which are the conceptual view, the logical view, and the physical view. The conceptual view provides the services which support governance requirements, while the logical view serves the architecture components of the services; whereas the physical view identifies the programming implementation of the services. In order to design the conceptual view of an ERP, we employ Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology (COBIT) to identify the IT-related business goal and align to the IT goals and the related IT processes. Furthermore, The Open Group Architectural Framework (TOGAF) is used as a framework to specify the business architecture. Then, the logical view is designed by referring to the application and data architectures of Enterprise Architecture (EA). The EA concepts are used together with SOA concepts to further elaborate the design. Moreover, the physical view is constructed, which contains of the four layers of technical SOA implementation for the ERP. It was shown that the service portfolio accommodated the business goals and also facilitated the functionalities in a commonly standard ERP. Further, the service portfolio was designed based on SOA concept to support reusability, loose coupling, extensibility, interoperability, and integration capability.


COBIT, ERP, SOA, TOGAF, service portfolio