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Content based medical image retrieval based on pyramid structure wavelet


Aliaa.A.A.Youssif, A.A.Darwish, R.A.Mohamed


Vol. 10  No. 3  pp. 157-164


As technology continues to increase the various formats in which medical images are created, transmitted, and analyzed, it has become more necessary to restrict the different ways in which this data is stored and formatted between the conflicting modalities. There is a significant increase in the use of medical images in clinical medicine, disease research, and education. While the literature lists several successful systems for content-based image retrieval and image management methods, they have been unable to make significant inroads in routine medical informatics. This paper presents a new approach to image retrieval based on color, texture, and shape by using pyramid structure wavelet. The major advantage of such an approach is that little human intervention is required. However, most of these systems only allow a user to query using a complete image with multiple regions and are unable to retrieve similar looking images based on a single region. Experimental results of the query system on different test image databases are given. This paper introduces a comparative study between color, texture, shape and the pyramid structure wavelet technique and generates the receiving operating characteristic curve (ROC) to assess the results. The area under the curve when use color is 0.58, when use shape is 0.68, when use texture 0.74 and when use the wavelet technique is 0.8.


Image Retrieval, Content based image retrieval, Wavelet transform, Medical image