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Life Time Maximization of Wireless Sensor Node by Event Based Detection: An Experimental Approach


Gajendra Asutkar, Kishore Kulat


Vol. 10  No. 3  pp. 188-193


Lifetime maximization is the key element in the design of sensor-based network applications. The lifetime is a critical parameter for wireless sensor network (WSN) which is defined as the maximum time of delivering certain data to the base node before sensor node runs out of energy available with it initially. Extending lifetime of battery-operated devices is a key design issue that allows uninterrupted information exchange among distributed nodes in wireless networks. In this paper, we consider event detection method to maximize the life time of WSN. Event based detection has always been an important application in the practical deployment of WSN. Threshold based event detection method works well in our application. The energy consumption sources of the WSN are analyzed for the significant characteristics of a specific event. This analysis is utilized to observe the increase in life time of wireless sensor node.


wireless sensor network, life time expansion,Power consumption, Event based detection