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An Application of Knowledge-based System


Hussein H. Owaied, Mahmoud Malek Abu-A'ra, Hazim A. Farhan


Vol. 10  No. 3  pp. 208-213


This paper presents an implementation of Information processing system for the social relationships as knowledge-based system and concentrating in the use of problem reduction methodology for solving problem through the implementation of the inference engine of the knowledge-based system. The search technique is Depth-First-Search with backtracking of PROLOG language. Therefore, PROLOG language is used for the implementation of the system and the problem reduction method is used to solve the problem of asking queries in subset of English language, as subset of query language, and get the answers in English language too. The implementation presents new methods for representing the facts associated with the family in the knowledge base and prove that this method is efficient in term of storage and process. The system can be used in the Humanoid Robotics to present the capabilities of using natural language.


AI, knowledge-based system, Problem Solving, Natural Language Processing, Humanoid Robotics