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A New Secure Group Management and Communication in End-system Multicast protocol


Ayman El-Sayed


Vol. 10  No. 3  pp. 302-310


An important point in End-System Multicast (ESM), is the security. ESM simplifies the implementation of group communication and is efficient ways to deliver messages to a group of recipients in a network as a practical alternative to overcome the difficulty of large scale deployment of traditional IP multicast. The dynamic aspect of group applications due to free membership joins and leaves in addition to members mobility, makes security further challenging in the context of group management communications. In this paper, a secure group management (i.e. control traffic exchange), based on clustering of group members, is proposed. our proposed of group management is between both (1) the main controller (MRP, Main Rendez-vous Point) and the second controlers (CRP, Cluster RP), and (2) the second controllers and its members. Also, a secure group communication is proposed that is among group members.


Multicast protocol, Ens-system Multicast, Application-level Multicast, Security, key management