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MANET Routing Protocols and Wormhole Attack against AODV


Rutvij H. Jhaveri, Ashish D. Patel, Jatin D. Parmar, Bhavin I. Shah


Vol. 10  No. 4  pp. 12-18


In this era of wireless devices, Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET) has become an indivisible part for communication for mobile devices. Therefore, interest in research of Mobile Ad-hoc Network has been growing since last few years. In this paper we have discussed some basic routing protocols in MANET like Destination Sequenced Distance Vector, Dynamic Source Routing, Temporally-Ordered Routing Algorithm and Ad-hoc On Demand Distance Vector. Security is a big issue in MANETs as they are infrastructure-less and autonomous. Main objective of writing this paper is to address some basic security concerns in MANET, operation of wormhole attack and securing the well-known routing protocol Ad-hoc On Demand Distance Vector. This article would be a great help for the people conducting research on real world problems in MANET security.


Mobile Ad-hoc Network, Routing Protocols, Wormhole attack, Securing AODV, Countermeasures