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Survey on Awareness and Security Issues in Password Management Strategies


D.Santhi Jeslet, G.Sivaraman, M. Uma, K.Thangadurai, M.Punithavalli


Vol. 10  No. 4  pp. 19-23


Any communication via Internet travels across unsecured channels. This gives raise to security breaches. So user identification and authentication is needed to overcome these security breaches. Password-based systems remain the predominant method of user authentication despite the many sophisticated and viable security alternatives that have emerged. However, this survey shows that passwords are often compromised through the poor security and management practices of users. This paper also concentrates on user password composition and security practices for email accounts. The results of a survey that examines user practice in creating and using passwords are reported. Toward the end of this paper, we give some recommendation for the education of user in creating and maintaining their passwords.


Password management, security, user authentication, password composition and management