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Traffic Controller Network for Collision Detection and Warning at Intersection


S. S. Dorle, A. G. Keskar, Megha Chakole


Vol. 10  No. 4  pp. 87-93


In this research, a novel system is used for monitoring the vehicles at intersection points. In this system, it will be necessary that the vehicles should be able to exchange (in real time) their dynamic information such as speed, acceleration, direction, relative position etc. with the other vehicles through Intersection traffic controller. An intersection has a wireless unit called the Intersection Traffic Controller (ITC). This ITC keeps broadcasting a message all the time. Each vehicle communicates with the ITC in real time to let the ITC know about its current location. The ITC then includes this information in its message and warn the driver about the condition of the vehicle and the signal to avoid the collision. Developing Intersection traffic controller network for collision detection and warning system will be very effective for reducing fatalities, injuries and associated cost. This research work presents a collision detection and warning protocol in intersection traffic controller (ITC) to improve the intelligent transportation systems (ITS) using a wireless communication technology. Also the intersection traffic controller will calculate the shortest path of communication between the vehicles so as to provide faster and efficient communication between different networks and provide smooth traffic flow at intersections.