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DID using stereovision


Dong-Jin Seo, Sang-il Na, Ye-Eun Lim, Dong-Seok Jeong


Vol. 10  No. 4  pp. 140-144


DID (Digital information display) has recently shown a sharp increase in number according to its various uses. Most of them have been used for transmitting information, but, in recent years, products equipped with input units have been increasing. This paper designs a case to apply Stereovision to DID and deals with application methods thereto. Moreover, it adjusts an angle of a camera to be used and simplifies a part of pre-treatment for high-speed treatment. Through these processes, it separates a user from a background. Accordingly, it is possible to perform various motion detections and provide user-made advertisement services.


DID, Stereovision, camera, sensor, display