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The theory of morphological analysis applied to western apparel-a case study of Renaissance era


Jocelyn Hua-Chu Chen, Cheng-fang Lai


Vol. 10  No. 4  pp. 176-184


This paper is aimed at using morphological analysis to augment seeking clothing design solutions. A case of western apparel in Renaissance era is applied to illustrate how to use this powerful fast-developing design computer tool. In using morphological analysis, we first divide western apparel into several independent design attributes, such as headdress, neckline, sleeves, farthingale, cobsters for female and ruff, doublet, zimarre, sleeves, cannions, duckbill shoes for male. Secondly, we find all possible design solutions for each design attribute. Finally, we can establish morphological matrix charts, which can be transformed as inputs for computer searches or computer-supported design decision-making and enlarge clothing design idea areas. In conclusion, morphological analysis is a potential computer tool used to aid apparel designers to obtain innovative ideas.


morphological analysis, computer-aided design, western apparel, Renaissance era, fashion design