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NETBAND : New Adoptive Technique for Estimating of available Bandwidth using Active probing in a Network between enD systems


G.C. BhanuPrakash, Srinivas B.C, Rajeswari Seshadri, K.V.Ramakrishnan


Vol. 10  No. 4  pp. 185-192


Traffic Measurement in this decade is becoming more complex due to the variety of traffic, complexities in high-speed network and its components. In a packet network the term “Bandwidth” or “throughput” often characterizes the amount of data that transfer per unit of time. Available Bandwidth estimation is of the interest to several user wishing to optimize and for better utilization of resource and planning. In general, the estimation measure relates to capacity, Available Bandwidth (ABWt), bulk transfer capacity etc., for ‘End to End’ systems. Even though accurate Available Bandwidth estimation is of the importance however, more often than not, is an approximate idea of the bandwidth limitations at any given point of time surface the need for traffic engineering and capacity planning which can be achieved in simpler methods. In this paper we have proposed a new technique, called NetBand (Network Available Bandwidth Estimation). This technique uses self induced congestion technique for estimating ABWt.


Network path, Mean delay, Queuing delay, Available Bandwidth, Relative error