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Framework of JawaTeX


Ema Utami, Jazi Eko Istiyanto, Sri Hartati, Marsono, Ahmad Ashari


Vol. 10  No. 4  pp. 219-227


Transliteration is a substitution letter by letter from one alphabet to another, free from how to actually speak those characters or it can be called a letter substitution or transliteration. Currently there are already two Javanese characters of true type font. To use the fonts in writing Javanese characters, users must have knowledge about how to read and write Javanese. No researcher has already developed algorithm to handle writing Javanese character for x and q Latin characters, aritmetic operand, special symbols (except period, coma and double quote), multiple consonant (more than two sequence consonants), also cannot handle roman numbering system. This paper explains how JawaTeX is designed. The model of transliteration in this paper is not focusing on a font making process but a document transliteration. The transliterator is a media named JawaTeX. JawaTeX project is an initial effort to make typesetting program using Javanese characters. The transliterator system framework include production rule of latin string split pattern browsing, string split pattern models, syntax code pattern models, LaTeX style, Javanese characters Metafont, and JawaTeX program package contain parsing and LaTeX style to write LaTeX syntax code. A JawaTeX program package contains two programs, checking and breaking Latin string to get the string split pattern and LaTeX style to write LaTeX syntax code. After program testing on JawaTeX is done, the transliteration results are appropiate with the linguistics knowledge of writing Javanese script. The result is proving that the program can be used to transliterated from Latin to Javanese document. JawaTeX can also be used without program of checking and breaking Latin string, but users must have knowledge about how to get tokens and write LaTeX syntax code associated with that tokens. The concept of checking and breaking Latin string to get the pattern and the process to convert it into other characters which are built in this paper can be used as the base to be developed in other cases. Future research, the solution of writing a good Javanese characters still needs to be considered. Javanese characters writing sometimes cannot be justified alignment because writing Java script does not have spaces between words.


transliteration, Javanese characters, typesetting, framework, LaTeX, JawaTeX