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AMRPIS : A Multicast Protocol for Ad hoc Wireless Networks


Yash Pal Singh, Vishal Nagar, D.C.Dhubkarya


Vol. 10  No. 4  pp. 255-260


This paper introduces AMRPIS, a new multicast routing protocol for ad hoc wireless networks. AMRPIS (Ad hoc Multicast Routing Protocol utilizing Increasing id-numberS) is designed to operate independently of underlying unicast protocols. The idea behind AMRPIS is to dynamically assign every node (on demand) in a multicast session with an id-number. The ordering between id-numbers is used to direct the multicast flow, and the sparseness among them used for quick connectivity repair. A multicast delivery tree rooted at a special node called Sid joins up the nodes participating in the multicast session. The relationship between the id-numbers (and the nodes that own them) and Sid is that the id-numbers increase in numerical value as they radiate from Sid in the delivery tree. These id-numbers help the nodes dynamically leave and join a session, as well as adapt rapidly to changes in link connectivity (due to mobility etc). Messages to repair a link breakage are confined to the region where it occurs.


AMRPIS, DARPA, msm-id, Neighbour-Status, Neighbour-Status, JOIN-REQ, JOIN-ACK