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Genetic Algorithm for DES Cryptanalysis


Tarek Tadros, Abd El Fatah Hegazy, Amr Badr


Vol. 10  No. 5  pp. 5-11


This paper discusses the use of Genetic Algorithm (G.A.) for DES cryptanalysis for the most two famous attacks Differential Attack & Linear Attack in order to enhance the attack overall performance. This paper presents a new proposed fitness function for G.A. Linear Attack & an enhanced technique for G.A. Differential Attack in order to enhance performance of previous G.A. Differential Attacks [1][8].G.A. Linear Attack was implemented on DES-4 Rounds while G.A. Differential Attack was implemented on DES 6-rounds. Both attacks were capable to break DES and extract key bits in less than one second. Experimental results show that G.A. enhanced the overall performance & memory consumption. Therefore G.A. can be used to enhance Differential Attack & Linear Attack for various DES-like cryptosystems.


DES, Differential Cryptanalysis, Linear Cryptanalysis, Genetic Algorithm, Evolutionary Cryptanalysis