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Mitigating Routing Misbehavior Using Ant-Tabu-Based Routing Algorithm for Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks


Chi-Chun Lo, Chun-Chieh Huang, Wen-Tian Liang


Vol. 10  No. 5  pp. 46-51


Routing is a key factor in the design of modern communication networks, especially in wireless ad-hoc networks (WANs). In WANs, both selfish and malicious nodes are misbehaving nodes and cause severely routing and security problems. Selfish nodes may drop routing and data packets and malicious nodes may redirect the packets to another routing path or launch denial-of-service (DoS) attacks. In this paper, an efficient routing algorithm is proposed, Ant-Tabu-Based Routing Algorithm (ATBRA), to mitigate selfish problem and reduce routing overheads. In ATBRA, both the concepts of ant-based routing algorithm and Tabu search are applied. We compare the performance of the proposed scheme with that of DSR in terms of two performance metrics: successful delivery rate (SDR) and routing overhead (RO). By comparisons, we notice that the proposed algorithm outperforms DSR in all two categories. The simulation results also indicate that the proposed algorithm is more efficient than DSR.


Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks, Ant-Tabu-Based Routing Algorithm, Dynamic Source Routing protocol