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Mobility Based Energy Analysis of Five Mobility Models in MANET Using Five Routing Protocols


Gowrishankar.S, T.G.Basavaraju, SubirKumarSarkar


Vol. 10  No. 5  pp. 64-72


In this paper we have analyzed the energy consumption of five mobility models under five different routing protocols. The mobility models considered are Random Walk with Wrapping (RW-W), Random Waypoint with Steady State (RWP-SS), Gauss Markov Mobility Model (GM), Community Based Mobility Model (CM) and Semi-Markov Smooth Mobility Model (SMS). The selected routing protocols are AOMDV, DYMO, FSR, OLSR and TORA. In the literature many have concentrated on the amount of energy consumed by the routing protocols. But there is no detailed analysis of the mobility model’s role on routing protocols in energy consumption. We also found contradicting results for TORA routing protocol than that has been found until now. The energy consumed by each of these mobility models are mapped by varying the mobility speed. Our results indicate that the routing protocols are indeed influenced by these mobility models. We also claim that our paper is the first to consider these five mobility models under five different routing protocols and to analyze the energy consumption of each of these mobility models. From our simulation we deduce that with increased complexity of the mobility models the amount of energy consumed also increases among the routing protocols.


Ad Hoc networks, energy, mobility models, routing protocols, performance, simulation