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AWGN Channel Capacity for Multi-Cell Interference Model in WCDMA-FDD Systems


Ehab H. Abdelhay, Fayz W. Zaki


Vol. 10  No. 5  pp. 110-115


Cellular phones have experienced an exponential growth worldwide over the last decade with more than one billion cell phone users projected in the near future. Indeed, cellular phones have become a critical business tool and part of everyday life in most developed countries. Moreover, wireless services give us the capability of being ""always on"". On the other hand, service providers must support new technology and infrastructure in order to fulfill their customers' requirements. These requirements include the better quality of service (QoS), and the insurance of full service reachability without temporal or spatial restrictions, i.e., insurance of any time any where communications. Moreover, these requirements put cellular service providers in great challenge due to the limited spectrum resources and the increased number of mobile users. Hence, the wireless operators have to increase the capacity of their systems in order to meet the level of demand but with data rates not are more than maximum channel data rate. In This Paper, the effect of increasing channel bandwidth and transmitted signal power on the maximum data rate that can be transmitted on the channel with small amount of errors (Maximum channel capacity) was considered. The analysis was carried out for speech and data users with different data rates for two types of channels: AWGN channel neglecting inter-cell and intra-cell interference , and AWGN channel with both inter-cell and intra-cell interference for Multi-cell WCDMA-FDD interference parameters (7-cells). It was noticed as a conclusion drawn from this Paper that to increase the number of users it is required to increase the channel bandwidth or increase the received signal power by increasing the transmitted signal power.


Claude Shannon, CDMA, WCDMA, Mobile communications, Channel Capacity