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MPEG Encryption by Zigzag, Partitioning and Swapping


A. F. M. Suaib Akhter, Saiful Islam, Jakir Hossain, Rupam Deb, Basir Uddin


Vol. 10  No. 5  pp. 116-120


As transferring video through internet and cellular phone become popular day by day, the importance of encrypting some of these also increases. To achieve that, many researchers proposed a lot of algorithms to encrypt MPEG files. In this paper we have proposed a new algorithm for MPEG encryption by using combination of Zigzag, Partitioning and Swapping. In this algorithm encryption done by rearranging the bits and also swapping of blocks of the MPEG file. As we are using N-bit partitioning there are 2N partitions and will apply zigzag rule on each of the partitions. Then will rearrange M-number of partitions by swapping. For decryption, key will guide to rearrange the partitions and then the procedure is just opposite of the encryption. As we are only rearranging the bit and block sequences the file size remains the same after encryption. Increasing the value of N as well as M will increases the complexity of the algorithm. Except this, the major advantage is that it needs a very short time to encrypt and decrypt but near to infinite time for cryptanalysis.


Cryptography, MPEG, Partitioning, Swapping, Zigzag