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NewNet- Crawling Deep Web


Pradeep Rai, Shubha Singh, Abhishek Singh Yadav


Vol. 10  No. 5  pp. 129-132


Deep web are the WebPages which are not directly located by the search engines. Extracting the desired output from the searched query is not appropriate because our internet data is not structured. The desired information may store in the form of static pages or may be in the form of database, etc. So crawling those data with the same techniques is not responsive. In this paper we describe a new techniques called as NewNet by using Storewel so that this hidden web will no longer remains invisible. The Storewel will work as interface for the web crawler. Any crawler has to access the Storewel and Storewel will guide the crawler for the desired output. It simply gives you the output as desired by the Web developer or rather Web content holder. The web developer has also the capability to show the content for his desired query. This NewNet can also be used for securing the web content.


Deep Web, NewNet, Storewel, Hidden web, Search Techniques, Web Security, XML