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A Performance Comparison for Various Methods to Design the Three-Term Fuzzy Logic Controller


Essam Natsheh, Khalid A. Buragga


Vol. 10  No. 5  pp. 142-151


A three-term (proportional plus integral plus derivative, PID) fuzzy logic controller (FLC) algorithm have been and continue to be a very active and fruitful research field since early pioneered work on fuzzy controller. In this study, we propose taxonomy of various methods to design three-term FLC. Two applications representing second-order systems and third-order systems were used to analyze the performance of the various design methods and compare their performance. The analysis shows that the PD-like FLC parallel with PI-like FLC design method are quite efficient and superior to other design methods with respect to transient response, accuracy, and robustness to varying of defuzzification methods.


Three-term controller, PID controller, fuzzy systems, fuzzy logic controller