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Increasing System Fault Tolerance with Software Rejuvenation in E-government System


Manish Pokharel, Jong Sou Park


Vol. 10  No. 5  pp. 160-166


The main goal of E-government system is to provide the services to its user in 24/7/365 philosophy. User expects the entire required services from e-government system at any point of time and location. It is always expected that the e-government system should run without any type of interruptions or faults. A system should have the capability enough to tolerate the faults and operate continuously in spite of faults and interruptions. In this paper, we try to mention the need of fault tolerant system in e-government and also propose architecture for fault tolerant approach in e-government system with the concept of availability and reliability. We use design diversity and software rejuvenation together in this paper to increase the system fault tolerance capability.


Availability, Reliability, Fault Tolerant, Design Diversity, E-government