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An Oblivious Image Watermarking Scheme Using Multiple Description Coding and Genetic Algorithm


K.Ramanjaneyulu, K.Rajarajeswari


Vol. 10  No. 5  pp. 167-174


A novel oblivious and robust image watermarking scheme using Multiple Descriptions coding (MDC) is presented in this work. Based on MDC, the host image is partitioned into two sub images called even description and odd description. Discrete Hadamard Transform (DHT) is applied for both descriptions. The watermark image is embedded in the resulting DC coefficients of the odd description using DC coefficients of the even description as the reference. Proposed scheme is characterized with parameters and Genetic Algorithm (GA) is used for parameter optimization and thereby performance improvement is achieved over the existing methods in terms of Peak Signal to Noise Ratio (PSNR) and Normalized Cross correlation (NCC). This algorithm is highly robust for different attacks on the watermarked image.


Digital watermarking, Discrete Hadamard Transform, Genetic Algorithm, MDC, PSNR