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Web data mining Using XML and Agent Framework


S.Mukthyar azam, M.Kiran Kumar, Shaik Rasool, S.Jakir Ajam


Vol. 10  No. 5  pp. 175-180


The World Wide Web is one of the fastest growing areas of intelligence gathering. Currently many websites are built with HTML tags, one problem associated with retrieval of data from web documents of HTML is that they are not structured in traditional databases because the Web pages created using HTML are semi structured thus making querying more difficult than with well-formed database containing schemas and attributes with defined domains. The concepts of XML have brought convenience for it. Based on the research of web mining, XML is used to convert semi-structured data to well structured data, and a model of web mining system which has basic data mining task and faces multi data on the Web is constructed. This paper”Web Data Mining using XML and Agent Framework” bring forward a kind of XML-based distributed data mining architecture. At the end of the discussion problems in data mining is analyzed. An example is put forward to prove the result.


XML, Web mining, web structure mining, Multi-Agent system