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SIP-Based QoS Management Framework for IMS Multimedia Services


Umber Iqbal, Younas Javed, Saad Rehman, Asia Khanum


Vol. 10  No. 5  pp. 181-188


IP Multimedia subsystems are true integration of multimedia services over converged networks to increase the productivity and quality in Next Generation Network architecture. IP Multimedia subsystems are specifically designed to provide the QoS provisioning for multimedia services. In this paper, we study the SIP-based QoS Management architecture and its experimental evaluation for IMS services using SIP based proxy Modules to support the QoS provisioning and to reduce the hand off disruption time over IP access networks. In our approach these modules utilize the DiffServ and MPLS QoS mechanisms to assure the guaranteed QoS for real-time multimedia services. MPLS provides routing techniques and network resource optimization methods while DiffServ provides standardize QoS mechanisms for end-to-end QoS provisioning. To differentiate IMS network, this architecture also enables QoS provisioning for IMS roaming users. To validate our approach, numbers of experiment models are developed on short scale basis. The evaluation of architecture shows that proposed QoS approach improves delivery of IMS services over heterogeneous IP access networks.


SIP, QOS, IMS, Multimedia Service