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Automation of Administration using Web based Mobile Sensor Technology


Indraveer Singh, Harshawardhan Patil, Vaibhav Nikhade, Aakash Maheshwari, Shashi Kant


Vol. 10  No. 5  pp. 220-224


Administration is an imperative requirement of technological or non-technological, intra disciplinary or inter disciplinary domain of mechanized world. Most of the administration mechanisms employed for this purpose involve monitoring, reporting and responding as critical and time bound sub-systems. Specific domain of administration addressed in this paper is Parametric Administration, where one or more parameters associated with system are monitored, reported and responded accordingly at site. Traffic administration, dam-level monitoring, thermal/nuclear power plant supervision etc. are some of the systems that demand such a critical and minuscule administration as stated above. Here by, during the administration of the system one or more numeric or non-numeric parameters are considered within a system, which direct us to monitoring the significant change in their values, reporting the change to a central system commander and devising the response to such change. Nowadays, most of these administration requirements are mostly and majorly fulfilled through a manual support. This manual operation like any other is prone to various limitations like human-errors, exhaustion, time lag, moronity etc. Moreover, in certain cases, for instance, monitoring temperature levels at atomic power plants or water level at dam sites, etc. is surely a fatal task. Thus this paper focuses over a new and upgraded automated system for administration of such tasks. Here using a Web-portal combined with GSM devices, which monitor all the tasks, report of both normal and panic calls, and respond to the needs, Parametric Administration has been fully automated. This all is achieved by using programming algorithm execution with no human intervene. This system emphasizes not only on overcoming the demerits of manual supervision, but it presents easier and effective methodologies using automated features in administration for areas with critical time-based needs.


Parametric administration system, Sensor Networks, wireless networks, mobile sensor, responders etc