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Secure Outsourced Database Architecture


Ahmed M.A. Al thneibat, Bahaa Eldin M. Hasan, Abd El Fatah .A. Hegazy


Vol. 10  No. 5  pp. 246-253


With fast increasing of database outsource and its gained benefits such as increase data availability, reduce the cost and more, we present at this paper a new model that split the architecture of database outsource into three components, database owner/clients, Secure Meta Mediator SMM and Database Service Provider. The model architecture aims to improve in efficient way the components of secure database outsource include Query Correctness, Data Confidentiality and User Data Privacy. The model architecture makes the most of data processing performed through the SMM, reduces computation and communication overhead by partially encrypt the data and information and increase data confidentiality through using deferent encryption techniques.


SMM, DSP, DAS, Semi-Encrypted