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QoS Provisioning Strategy for QoS-Unaware Applications in an IntServ/DiffServ Interoperating Network


Teerapat Sanguankotchakorn, Ruenun Urwijitaroon


Vol. 10  No. 5  pp. 261-273


Due to the demands for variety of services in the Internet, the quality assurance and reliability in IP network have been increasingly important. DiffServ is a scalable QoS-enabled architecture proposed to be an Internet core network. The network has to provide both new QoS-aware and legacy QoS-unaware applications with appropriate resources provisioning. Admission control is a key component to achieve this goal. However, most of the proposed admission control algorithms support only QoS-aware applications, even though most of the current Internet applications are QoS-unaware. This work proposes an admission control algorithm for providing QoS guaranteed services to QoS-aware applications and special marking to QoS-unaware applications when the network is in light-load situation. The proposed algorithm utilizes the analyzable curve-based calculation for both admission control and special marking decision. The simulation results show that the proposed algorithm can provide the deterministic QoS guarantees to QoS-aware applications as well as QoS-unaware applications without any QoS degradation.


Call Admission Control, DiffServ, IntServ, QoS