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Secured Virtual Group Management in Grid


Poornaselvan KJ, Suresh Shanmugasundaram, DivyaPreya Chidambaram


Vol. 10  No. 6  pp. 8-20


Grid components are constructed using internet as the backbone. Grid applications involve communication over these insecure open networks, thus security becomes an important requirement. The basic security while the VGs interact can be established only through secure and efficient group key management approaches. Centralized key management methods (key distribution) are apt for two-party (e.g., client-server or peer-to-peer) communication as well as for large multicast groups like the grid. However, many collaborative group settings (e.g., conferencing, white-boards, shared instruments, and command and-control systems and the VGs) require distributed key management techniques.


Group Management, Key agreement, Grid Computing, Virtual Group Interaction in Grid, Security in Grid