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An Agent Based Security Framework for Emering Networks


Javed Ahmed, Shiraz Latif


Vol. 10  No. 6  pp. 21-24


Mobile ad-hoc network has gained enormous amount of attention during last few years due to its wider application area from conventional military purposes to emergency response service. MANETs throws up new requirements and problems due to flexibility and dynamic nature of these networks. The challenges faced in the Ad-hoc environment are mostly due to the resource poorness of these networks. These types of networks operate in the absence of any fixed infrastructure; therefore solutions for conventional networks are usually not sufficient to provide efficient operations in ad-hoc environment. The wireless nature of communication and lack of any security infrastructure raise several security problems. In this paper we propose an agent based framework for MANET security. The proposed approach is scalable and has a minor dependence on central node. Mobility feature of software agents address the issues of dynamic topology and unpredictable traffic patterns.


Ad-hoc networks, Intrusion Detection Systems, Mobile Agents, Cryptography