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Development of Taekwondo Trainer System for Training on Electronic Protector with Hitting Target Indicator


Youngrok Song, Yuyong Jeon, Gyuseok Park, Hongsub An, Taehyun Hwang, Hojae Lee, Sangmin Lee


Vol. 10  No. 6  pp. 51-56


In this paper, we developed a digital taekwondo trainer system based on the electronic protector was authorized by the World Taekwondo Federation for the improvement of user’s training effects and athletic performances. Our system consists of E-kick Bag with sensors for sensing hits, taekwondo trainer program and receiver for interconnection of E-kick Bag to program. Taekwondo trainer system also has an advantage to improve training effects and athletic performances such as hit-accuracy and reaction velocity by appointing a hitting target for users with 6 LED indicators. The taekwondo trainer program is a user interface to provide training courses such as progress training of response time and stamina, preparation training for real sparring by training scenario. It has also characteristics which are to strengthen and supplement user’s pros and cons by analyzing hitting intensity and accuracy from training.


Taekwondo Trainer system, Target Indicator, Electronic Protector