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Needs Analysis of a Health Information Service System for Dementia Care


Jinhui Min, Jeongyee Bae, Yoonjung Kim


Vol. 10  No. 6  pp. 93-104


The purpose of this study was to identify educational need of families with dementia patient for development of health information service system. This study focused on the families of 117 elderly dementia patients who were admitted to Hospital and to the Senile Ward. The collected data were analyzed by t-tests, ANOVA and Pearson's correlation using SPSS 17.0. Findings is that: 1) The score is higher in educational needs and burden who are old aged dementia patients’ families and low grade in IADL; 2) There was a difference in the burden depending on whether the patients lived with them or not; 3) There was a difference in the educational needs according to the age of the families, education level, and monthly income. Since the families of dementia patients feel more burdened when they lack the knowledge and information needed to care for the patients. Dementia information service system is needed to provide a better understanding of dementia and how to respond to it. This study based on educational needs should be provided to dementia patients’ families to reduce their burden.


dementia, family, burden, educational needs